Winter Wedding Inspiration

September 20, 2016

Winter Wedding Inspiration

Marlé paired cream coloured fur wrap with one of our hand beaded gowns to keep warm for her winter wedding.

Here’s some more tips for a winter weddings

// Wear tights under your wedding dress to keep wam – just make sure your dress is long enough so no one can see- and this goes for your bridesmaids too.

// Keep the ceremony & the reception close to each other or preferably in one location. This will make travelling in bad weather easier.

// Start you wedding early – it gets dark much quicker in winter so make sure you have enough sunlight for some photos after the ceremony.

// Keep your guests warm & comfortable with fireplaces (or heaters). Add a lot of candles in the venue as this will also create a cosy & romantic atmosphere.

// Throw a small fleece blanket over each chair – this can double as something to keep guests warm during the speeches & dinner as well a nice “thank you” gift.

Photos: Jenni Elizabeth 

Venue & catering: Old Mac Daddy

Hair stylist: Marzaan Lotz

Make-up artist: Lisa Brown