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September 20, 2016 2 min read

Elsabe Lemmer chats to us about her recently launched online shop, Wearels 

//What is the best part of your day?

The mornings. The mornings are busy but fun – we our days planning, posts, and updates. But especially when the courier collects our customers parcels. I’m excited for them to receive their beautiful purchases.

//What is the best part of your job?

Curating, sourcing, planning shoots, and styling. I will never get bored of what I do, because every day is different, and most of the time you need to be creative, which I love.

//And the worst?

I guess the admin. Every business, doesn’t matter how small, needs some form of financial planning, data capturing etc. So its something I have to do, but are not my strong points.

//How do you choose your products?

I mostly go with what I love. I also look at how commercial the product is and if there is a gap for it. I try not to select products that are already somewhere else or that are already popular. It must be unique and at the same time stylish.

//What is your favorite product currently?

Wow, I have a few!

The Brooke top from MarethColleen, Any of the Cow Hides, The Olive garland side plate (It is currently out of stock, we are just waiting for the new delivery.)

//What is the one thing everyone should buy online?

I would love to see people buy more clothing online. Its our aim to constantly better online shopping to make it easier for customers to shop clothing online. For anything else, you do not have an excuse!

//How did you decide on selling online

Selling online is the future for shopping for anything. If you are selling a product, and customer cannot view or buy it online, then you are losing out and falling behind. It’s so easy for any customer around the world to access your products, view all the details, and buy it securely and safely with it still being delivered to your door at no extra cost! You also have complete control over the look and feel of your store, and you can change things around in a few minutes, and make it look fresh and new. E-commerce is growing at a rapid rate in Africa. There are new features constantly being launched, it makes it so easy for anyone to shop online!

For us that have online stores, it might not be easy at first, and I think you need a lot of patience, but hopefully it will pay off in a few years. And it helps believing in the products that you sell, knowing they are of the best quality and some of the most stylish brands in South Africa!