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About Us


MARETH | COLLEEN is the brainchild of Mareth van der Walt and Colleen Lesch, a forceful fashion duo that resides in Cape Town, South Africa.
Colleen and Mareth met whilst studying Fashion Design. After their studies Colleen gained priceless experience whilst studying at London School of Fashion and acquired a job at the Alexander McQueen studio. Mareth worked in the fashion department at a local magazine, Sarie where she managed to gain online retail and styling experience.
What first began as collaboration on a single wedding dress has since developed into a fully-fledged creative partnership and the production of a range of ready-to-wear women’s apparel that has been gaining unprecedented retail traction for the past two years.
Using locally sourced talent and materials, the passionate pair produces a diverse range of quality garments that combines clean lines and strong silhouettes with unexpected design elements and whimsical finishes.