October 10, 2016 2 min read

Sarah loves baking. For us, it is a bit too much effort! But when we scanned over Sarah’s recipes we actually saw ourselves baking without burning the kitchen down or experiencing 2nd degree burns! The deliciously styled images actually hooked us first, but  when ready through the recipes it all seems so simple. 

We asked Sarah some questions about baking and all the passions that go with it;

Why baking?
Although I do love all types of cooking, baking has always been my first love and passion. My earliest memories in the kitchen are with my granny and mum baking and I think their love of baking is what inspired my love of baking. I love the fact that baking is the perfect combination between a science and an art  – a perfect cake is ultimately the result of chemical reactions but there is an art in making it look beautiful and knowing what to add to enhance all the flavours.

 Favourite dessert?
My Raspberry and Chocolate Croissant and Butter Pudding (found on page 112 of my book). It is a spin on traditional bread and butter pudding and is just too delicious.
 Worst thing you have ever baked?
Red velvet roulade, it was such a disaster – I attempted to make it three times!
 Best thing you have ever baked?
Perhaps a croquembouche or a Christmas macaroon tower I baked while working at Fairlady magazine
 Who do you like baking for the most?
My fiancé, Gary. It’s true what they say about a man’s stomach being the way to his heart!
 Macaroons are impossible! How do you manage to make it so easy?
I will admit that they are technical to make – I think practice is the best way to perfect them. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt isn’t perfect.  Also, you need to set out an afternoon to make them – there is nothing more stressful than having to rush the process. My recipe for Rose Delight Macaroons on page 137 of my book gives lots of tips on making your first batch a success.
You always take a different approach to styling and baking like replacing the usual red velvet cakes with red velvet macaroons and making a Chrismas wreath out them – what inspires you to try a new  approach?
I am inspired by many different things – pictures I see, recipes I’ve tried and by restaurants I’ve eaten in. I always want my work to be original so I love the challenge of taking something traditional and giving it my own twist.
 Favourite music to listen to while you bake?
‘Mumford & sons’ or ‘Of monsters and men’
 What would you want your last meal to be?
Definitely Italian ice cream – hazelnut flavor.
 What is your comfort food?
Homemade pasta! My fiancé Gary (who is also a chef) and I love spending a winter afternoon together in the kitchen making pasta from scratch.
 Best restaurant in Cape Town?
South China Dim Sum