Profile on Martie Bester

October 10, 2016

Profile on Martie Bester

Martie Bester is a profesional skincare therapist, make-up and hairstylist at Lifestyle Emporium. She is also a very patient and kind friend who puts up with our demands on photo shoots! We asked her for a few tips on beauty & skin care;

1. Best part of your job? – Every job is different and i get to meet new people all the time. 


2. Worst? – Being late or forgetting something! I make sure it doesn’t happen
3. Avoid – Using soap on your skin!!!!!NEVER 


4. Always – Keep skin hydrated! You get the best results with make up application 


5. What’s the cure for tired or hungover eyes? – Ice cold used green-tea teabags! 


6. Favourite colour for lips? – Nude, pastel soft color for the lips 


7. Favourite colour for nails? – Summer- bright corals.Winter- dark red or blue.