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October 07, 2016 2 min read

We rarely see a local designer with a completely new and original approach to design. Lara Klawikowski has, however, showed us there are a lot we can still discover and develop in textiles, prints and silhouettes.

We asked the young creative some questions;

1. Why Fashion?

– Fashion is ambitious, aspirational and progressive but also personal and it’s allowed to be emotional. Of all the forms of design, I think it offers the most creative freedom.

2. You have won a couple of prizes like the Vodacom Durban July Young Designer Award and SACTWU Condom Design Competition. What have you learned from these and what is your advice to young designers trying to get into the industry?

– I’ve learnt that each competition is an opportunity for the industry to see my work and what I’m about. I’ve learnt that trying is winning and that there are sometimes many winners in one design competition. My advice to young designers is to enter every design competition there is. Even if you don’t win, everyone sees your work. You grow your career in fashion through exposure.

3. You have some interesting textures& prints. How did you come about these?

– I love finding and using unconventional fabrics with new and unusual textures for clothing. I’m always exploring and experimenting with materials.

4. As a young designer in SA, what gets you excited about your future?

– I get excited about how far I could go with my career in South Africa. The South African fashion industry is still budding slowly and there is limitless potential for a fashion designer in our country. So much has not been done yet.

5. If you could collaborate with any creative in the world – who would it be?

– Rei Kawakabo

6. What should everyone own in their closet?

– One of my designs.

7. What’s on your calendar for 2014?
–  I’ll be exhibiting at Design Indaba in March as one of 40 fashion designers showing under the Cape Town Fashion Council’s umbrella stand. I’m also one of the 20 designers showcasing my Autumn/Winter 2014 collection in a fashion show at the event.