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October 03, 2016 1 min read

As a relatively young South African fashion brand we are constantly discussing how difficult it is to break into the industry as well as the lack of knowledge about all the different career opportunities.
A well oiled fashion brand is so much more than just a designer drawing sketches all day. Pattern makers, PR, marketing, business communication and production – all of these are a really important and integral part of creating a successful brand.
This documentary by Alexa Chung for British Vogue is great insight and gives great pointers that we can relate to. As a fashion student or even just someone who is interested in working in the industry this is a “Must See”.
“I did so many unpaid internships – I did internships for Russel Sage and the like. I wasn’t getting paid but I was getting paid with immense knowledge and meeting people like Katie Grand – these are people you can only dream of working with. I am sorry but that was better than any cash in my hand.”
– Christopher Kane (Central Saint Martins graduate)
“You all might want to be designers but in a way get that out of head- there’re lots of lovely jobs you can do. There’s press, buying, social media, job design, styling, management – there are so many jobs you can get that is still creative.” – Paul Smith (self-taught fashion designer)